Best Actress Award

Karaoke King, Mei Lan is skepticalKaraoke King

a QPIX SILVER HALIDE production 2005
Filmed on location in Brisbane, Australia – Shot on 16mm
Running Time: 10 minutes – Colour/16:9

Synopsis: Wally Foo, a small town Chinese cook has had enough. He is sick of the restaurant where he works and dreams of being a singer. Only one thing stands in his way. His shrew of a wife, Mei-Lan.
Mei-Lan owns the restaurant where Wally works and she is not about to let him go to the Regional Karaoke Championships. She locks him in the kitchen on the day of the big competition.
With the help of his young daughter, Wally manages to escape and makes his way down the highway on a red moped to fulfil his dream.


Anna Yen received the Best Actor (Female) Award at the 2006 Qld Short Film Festival


Cast: Simon Chan (as Wally Foo), Anna Yen (as Mei-Lan Foo), Bianca Blumer (as Su-Min Foo),
Tony Luu (as Eddie Chan), Paul Bryant (as The Mayor), Graham Furness (as MC)
Writer/Director: Carine Chai – Producers: Danielle Starkey, Carine Chai
Director of Photography: Aron Leong
Production Designer: Jasmine Sladden
Editor: Antony Haberl
Music: David Lazar
Sound Design: Pete Jones

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