Monika Pagneux

monikaAnna Yen studied with renowned European theatre teacher Monika Pagneux in Europe and Australia, including being invited to her Pedagogy Courses in Barcelona 2007-13. Inspired by Pagneux, Anna also trained as a Feldenkrais Method ® Practitioner, graduating in 2000.

“Monika Pagneux is one of Europe’s leading exponents of movement in contemporary theatre, devoted to preparing actors for the stage.  She studied and worked with Jacques Lecoq, Moshe Feldenkrais, Peter Brook, Complicité and many more teachers, actors, dancers, directors and children. Monika’s way of working helps actors to find a unity between their inner psyche and its outer expression. Truth becomes the source of creativity; actions result from being, not thinking. She asks, ‘Who am I?’ Her answers transform her into a mentor for our times.” From “Inside Outside – theatre / movement / being” by Monika Pagneux

– A film in which Monika discusses her thoughts about her work and life, including interviews with well known performers and directors, and a book based on Monika’s scrapbook, in which she summed up a stream of her work over the last years, can be found here.
– A blog post on Monika by one of her long-term students
“Monika Pagneux” by Anna Yen, The Feldenkrais Journal no 25 Let’s Play published by the FELDENKRAIS GUILD® of North America 2012.