01 Dec

2019 – PlayMoves and Clown

In true clown fashion, I made a maths error on the EARLY BIRD total cost for participating in both the PlayMoves and Clown Workshops in Jan 2020. The total early bird fee is not $405, it’s $395. Early Bird payment is due by Dec 6, 2019.

28 May

2015 – Slow Boat Creative Development – more photos

Joel Chia, Harry Tseng, Julian Wong, Luke Ha carrying Nicholas Ng in SLOW BOAT creative development.

Joel Chia, Harry Tseng, Julian Wong, Luke Ha,  Nicholas Ng  (being lifted), in SLOW BOAT Creative Development,  April 2015. Photo Suzon Fuks.

Harry Tseng, Julian Wong, Luke Ha, Nicholas Ng and Joel Chia in creative development of 'Slow Boat' April 2015

The Company of Men in SLOW BOAT Creative Development  (l-r) Harry Tseng, Julian Wong, Luke Ha, Nicholas Ng and Joel Chia. April 2015. Photo Suzon Fuks.

below:  The Company of Men of SLOW BOAT : Nicholas Ng, Harry Tseng, Julian Wong, Luke Ha and Joel Chia. Photo Suzon Fuks.

The Company of Men in SLOW BOAT, creative development  April 2015 L-R Nicholas Ng, Harry Tseng, Julian Wong, Luke Ha, Joel Chia.

19 Mar

2015 – SLOW BOAT

I am delighted to announce that Slow Boat , an ensemble physical theatre new work based on the story of my father and about 580 Chinese men who were evacuated to Australia during World War 2 from Nauru, sent to Central Australia to mine, and then worked for the US Army in Bulimba, has been funded for a n initial Creative Development period.

The Creative Team is:

Writer / Co-Director  Anna Yen; Dramaturge / Co-Director Therese Collie; Designer Georgina Greenhill; Musical Director / Performer Nicholas Ng; Performers – Luke Ha, Joel Chia, Julian Wong and Harry Tseng.

This wonderful creative team came  together for two weeks of  devising  and creative development from March 30 – April 10, 2015. I am now writing a new draft of the script based on the discoveries of the creative development.

Luke Ha in  SLOW BOAT - creative development April 2015

Luke Ha in SLOW BOAT – creative development April 2015. Photo Suzon Fuks.

SLOW BOAT is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, part of the Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body. 

SLOW BOAT is supported by BEMAC and Flipside Circus.

Slow Boat Creative Development April 2015. Photo Suzon Fuks

Slow Boat Creative Development April 2015. Photo Suzon Fuks

My huge grattude to all these organisations for their support in helping SLOW BOAT to set sail! Thank you also to the Bulimba Historical Association for their valuable support




19 Mar

2015 – Electric Dragon

I had great fun recently, collaborating with Georgie Pinn on her multimedia ELECTRIC DRAGON project! Learnt heaps too! Thanks to the Copyright Agency Career Fund for support to travel to Melbourne for the project.

28 Jan

2014 – The Serpent’s Table – Sydney Festival

Anna Yen performed in The Serpent’s Table during the 2014 Sydney Festival.
The Serpents’ Table combines storytelling, performance, theatrical installation and food.

The premiere season was sold out in minutes.

Co-produced by Performance4a and Griffin Theatre.
Directed by Darren Yap and Lee Lewis.
Performers Indira Naidoo, Pauline Nguyen, Jennifer Wong, Darren Yap,  Anna Yen with Luke Ha.
Designers Alice Lau, Bambang N Karim, Nicholas Ng and Luiz Pampolha.

11 Jun

Waterwheel Installation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnna Yen performed in the Waterwheel Installation at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts in October and December 2011. The installation was created by Waterwheel founders Suzon Fuks and James Cunningham from Igneous, and  an international team of artists. 

Waterwheel is an internet platform and community dedicated to water, as topic and metaphor. Thinkers, activists, artists, scientists and educators share, inform, debate, present and archive their latest ideas and works about water. 

More info on Waterwheel Blog and Igneous Website

Waterwheel showing short (mp4 version) from WATERWHEEL on Vimeo.

03 Jun

The Mop Up Professionals

Following on from their 2010 physical theatre work Phoenix Rising, James Cunningham, Suzon Fuks, Skye Nicholls, Jeff Turpin and Anna Yen, collaborated again to create The Mop Up Professionals in 2012 which was performed in  Brisbane City Council’s ‘Music in the Gardens’.

01 Mar

Eye to Eye


EyetoEyeSticks and Stones

Divo Sock, Sofia Woods, James Cunningham and Anna Yen developed and presented Eye to Eye, a workshop process celebrating difference.

Ever been discriminated against because of difference?

Ever discriminated against someone because of difference?

Want to try to walk in someone else’s shoes?

Have someone walk in yours?

Download flyer

02 Feb

Phoenix Rising

Wushu_PhoenixRising_photo-SylviaIn December 2011, James Cunningham, Suzon Fuks, Skye Nicholls, Jeff Turpin, Anna Yen, created ‘Phoenix Rising’ for the Folkloric Stage at Woodford Folk Festival.

Through Chinese wushu (broadsword, fans) and physical / visual images, Phoenix Rising evokes a woman’s quest for freedom and transformation. Phoenix Rising is inspired by inner journeys reflected in outer physical actions.

How do we come from fear to freedom?
What is the part of courage, humour and travelling companions?

01 Jun

Performers for Peace

rec_009Anna has been working as director / dramaturg with Performers for Peace (P4P) to develop short pieces of street theatre to support the activism of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).
Over the past eight years P4P, with Anna’s support, have developed and presented 8 pieces: Votes for Women; Margaret Thorpe and the School of Arts; A Modern Day Fairy Tale; A Few of Those Dangerous Things; UNSCR 1325 Blue Silk Dreaming; Sustainability: Need vs Greed; Emma Stands Up for Peace; and Listen – Give Racism the Flick!

26 Jul

White Sheets

White Sheets was part of the Undiscovered Country exhibition, presented by the Cultural Diversity Cluster Project, during the OzAsia Festival, 2007 at the Adelaide Festival Centre.
Anna was an originating artist on Cluster, organized by the Australian Performance Laboratory at the Flinders University’s Drama Centre, funded by the Australia Council for the Arts.


‘I was interested in facilitating an exploration to find visual / physical images that could speak universally, beyond personal and cultural experiences, about death.  I wondered what material would lend itself to this exploration. White sheets! So I asked all the Cluster artists, each from different cultural heritage and artform backgrounds, to physically find resonant images using themselves and white sheets.  Using the limited amount of time available to me with the whole group we looked for solo images and then group images which were videoed.  I edited what I felt were the most resonant images together. The order of the images was largely influenced by the images themselves, and also an article I shared the group about journeying to the Underworld and facing one’s greatest fears in order to be fully alive.’


Many thanks to all the White Sheets collaborators: Tammy Anderson, Jessica Beck, Ian Corcoran, Leigh Corrigan, Kamal Krishna, Hung Le, Mary Moore, Bambang Nurcahyadi, Wojciech Pisarek, r e a, Xavier Samuel, Niki Sperou, Yumi Umiumare, Hossein Valamanesh, William Yang and Alirio Zavarce.  Many thanks also to Professor Julie Holledge (Cluster researcher), Richard Back (camera operator) and Aîne Whitehead (video editor).

tech specs for touring (24K pdf document)


White Sheets Project of the first National Diversity Cluster, exhibited in the OzAsia Festival 2007, supported by the Australian Performance Laboratory

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