26 Jul

White Sheets

White Sheets was part of the Undiscovered Country exhibition, presented by the Cultural Diversity Cluster Project, during the OzAsia Festival, 2007 at the Adelaide Festival Centre.
Anna was an originating artist on Cluster, organized by the Australian Performance Laboratory at the Flinders University’s Drama Centre, funded by the Australia Council for the Arts.


‘I was interested in facilitating an exploration to find visual / physical images that could speak universally, beyond personal and cultural experiences, about death.  I wondered what material would lend itself to this exploration. White sheets! So I asked all the Cluster artists, each from different cultural heritage and artform backgrounds, to physically find resonant images using themselves and white sheets.  Using the limited amount of time available to me with the whole group we looked for solo images and then group images which were videoed.  I edited what I felt were the most resonant images together. The order of the images was largely influenced by the images themselves, and also an article I shared the group about journeying to the Underworld and facing one’s greatest fears in order to be fully alive.’


Many thanks to all the White Sheets collaborators: Tammy Anderson, Jessica Beck, Ian Corcoran, Leigh Corrigan, Kamal Krishna, Hung Le, Mary Moore, Bambang Nurcahyadi, Wojciech Pisarek, r e a, Xavier Samuel, Niki Sperou, Yumi Umiumare, Hossein Valamanesh, William Yang and Alirio Zavarce.  Many thanks also to Professor Julie Holledge (Cluster researcher), Richard Back (camera operator) and Aîne Whitehead (video editor).

tech specs for touring (24K pdf document)


White Sheets Project of the first National Diversity Cluster, exhibited in the OzAsia Festival 2007, supported by the Australian Performance Laboratory

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