1B-playmoves-melbPlayMoves – Movement Workshop for Performance

This workshop is for performers, directors, movement and drama teachers & students. We will focus on playfulness, presence and complicity. It is inspired by the work of Monika Pagneux, a renowned European theatre teacher, whose theme is the physical, vocal and personal freedom of the performer.

It includes combining the Feldenkrais Method’s Awareness Through Movement work with ensemble exercises and games in innovative ways to assist the performer expand their creative possibilities, playfulness, pleasure, complicity and ensemble skills.

Anna also offers PlayMoves workshops for the general public which combine Play, Awareness Through Movement (Feldenkrais Method) and Creativity

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Please contact Anna, as she will tailor workshops according to your needs:

– Physical Theatre  and Theatre Devising – for professional, community and student performers

– Feldenkrais Method

– Circus for Beginners

PlayMoves workshop for performers  download flyer (Winter PlayMoves for Performers July 6-7 2019)

PlayMoves for General Public (no experience necessary) download flyer PlayMoves Public July 13, 2019

Wake Up! Feldenkrais inspired sequence to wake you up at any time of day. Suitable for all levels of experience.  Next workshop: Perth October 2019.