May 25, 2024 - Moving Lightly Workshop - open to all

Moving Lightly Workshop is an introduction to Feldenkrais®MethodAwareness Through Movement.
It will be held on 25 May 2024, from 2 to 4pm in West End.

Please download pdf file.

2023 - December PlayMoves for professionals & teachers

The next PlayMoves Workshop for Performers and Teachers will be 11-15 December 2023, in Brisbane!

Please download pdf file.

2022 - December PlayMoves Workshop for Performers

The next PlayMoves Workshop for Performers will be 12-16 December 2022, in Brisbane!

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2021 - A Red Thread That Connects - Bundaberg

Just finished a beautiful project directing a Lunar New Year community show ” A Red Thread That Connects” at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre in Bundaberg, invited by the Bundaberg Regional Council. The show was commissioned by the Moncrieff. It was a wonderful collaboration with local creatives and community members, including the Norville State School Taiko drumming troupe, Bundaberg Dance Academy, Alex, Jia-Rou, Hannah, Saphire and Trevor. Choreographers Robert McLellan, Trevor Green and Peta from BDA. Costumes and Set by Trevor Green. Lighting by Greg at Moncrieff. Gorgeous photos by Sabrina Laureston. Thank you everyone! Happy Lunar New Year. Xin Nian Kuai Le.

All photos by Sabrina Laureston

2020 – Chinese Take Away - film online

The “Chinese Take Away” film adaptation
by Looking Glass Pictures
is available now online!


2020 – PlayMoves Workshop for Performance

Why not celebrate the opening of the Queensland border to NSW and Victoria
by being at PlayMoves December 14-18, in Brisbane!

Please download pdf file.

Brisbane Festival / WOW Festival

Thanks WOW Festival and Vulcana Circus and for the opportunity to perform in the 2020 Brisbane Festival. DomestiCITY – A Roof Over Our Heads focused on Re-thinking Housing – Eliminating Homelessness.

2018 - Creative Development with Compagnie Lumière Fugitive

I recently had the pleasure and privilege to participate in a creative development on new show “Vertigo” with Compagnie Lumière Fugitive in Vila Nova de Cerveira, northern Portugal. It was inspiring, fun and productive.

2018 – Monsteria - BankSA Best Circus Physical Theatre Award

GUSH recently returned from presenting MONSTERIA at the RCC during the Adelaide Fringe 2018.

We’re very excited to be awarded a BANKSA Best Circus and Physical Theatre Award for our last week in Adelaide.

Thanks to Helen Clifford, Elyse Fitzpatrick, RCC, and Sugarbag Bees.

2018 - SLOW BOAT short-listed for Queensland Premier's Drama Award

Wonderful news.

My play, SLOW BOAT, has been short-listed for the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award. This means that I am having the opportunity to develop the script further. On March 18-21, this year 2018, the actors, co-director workshopped the current draft with the excellent dramaturge Hilary Beaton, who we welcomed into the creative team.

SLOW BOAT is inspired by the adventures of my father during WW2.


Photo Credit: Queensland Theatre. (l-r) Luke ha, Anna Yen, Therese Collie, Joel Chia, Julian Wong, Nicholas Ng, Hilary Beaton, Harry Tseng.